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Civil Engineers have a Primary role in creating the built environment and in the protection of the natural environment. They bring together science and art to help create much of the tangible fabric of modern society. They plan, design construct and operate buildings, highways, airports, pipelines, bridges, dams and leaves, irrigation works, water supply systems, waste water treatment systems, and various other components of the built environment. The scope of civil engineering also includes responsibilities for environmental and social impact, which has taken on greater importance as our society has learned to articulate its concerns about urban problems, environmental quality, energy, and improvement of the quality of life.

The Department of Civil Engineering has the mission of teaching the fundamentals of civil engineering Science, analysis, design and management to enable students to assume careers as professional engineers, to conduct basic and applied research to improve the state of knowledge if civil engineering to serve as a source of information and advice to the community on engineering matters, and to assist in the technology transfer to, and the continuing education of professional engineers and other interested individuals in the public and private sector.

,Civil Engineering
Our panel of highly experienced and internationally qualified and trained academicians will guide you as friends in your stride towards pinnacle
Deptt. of Civil Engg.
ER. S. Kasiviswanath, M.E
Areas of Expertise: Structural Engg.
8 years of experience in teaching

2. Er. I.V. Rao, M.E  
Areas of Expertise: Building Tech And construction Management
5 years of experience in teaching

3. Er. M.V. Naidu, M.Tech.
Areas of Expertise ,Structural Engg.
5 years of experience in teaching

4. Er. A.N. Dehury, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise: Environmental Engg.
3 years of experience in teaching

5. Er. T.Jena, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise: Geo-Tech. Engg
3 years of experience in teaching

6. Er. N.G. Behera, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise: Transportation Engg
6 years of experience in teaching

7. Er. L.M. Barik M.Tech.    
Areas of Expertise: Hydraulic and Water Resources Engg.
6 years of experience in teaching

8. Guest Faculty
Er. Pitambar Sharma, M.E

For admission to 2nd year through lateral entry the student should pass Diploma Engg. in the corresponding branch with Min. 60% of marks and Qualified through Orissa JEE.

DELNET a learning tool
DELNET gives access to about 500 libraries and offers more than 20 lakh books, journals, articles, video reviews, CD Rooms which gives our student an extra edge towards more updated information to abreast with the latest information.
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