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Electrical engineering is the application of the laws of physics governing electricity magnetism, and light to develop new technologies to help humankind. Electrical engineers have used their knowledge to create computer technology and software, neon lights, cordless telephones and refrigerators. If it involves electricity, it involves electrical engineering.
Electrical Engineering includes the following different specialities: Communications, Computer, Electrical , Electromechanical Systems, Electromechanical Systems, Electronic Systems, Software.

The mission of Electrical Engineering Department is to educate its students in the fundamentals and applications of electrical engineering profession, so  that they will be able to play their role along with other engineering professional in the work place, plan & perform engineering research & development and make immediate significant contribution to the profession
Department Of Electrical Engineering
1 Er. N. Nahak, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise: Communication System
7 years of experience in teaching

2.Er. N.Sahoo, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise: Control and Instrumentation System.
3 years of experience in teaching

3. Er. S.K. Hota, M.Tech.
Areas of Expertise: Micro Electronics and VLSI Design.
8 years of experience in teaching.

4. Er. K. Mohapatra, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise: Control Systems
4 years of experience in teaching

5. Er.R.Panigrahi, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise: Electromagnetics and Microwave Engg
3 years of experience in teaching

6. Er.C.R. Sahoo, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise: Control Systems

7. Er. B.Mohanty, M.Tech
Areas of Expertise; Telecommunication Networking.
5 years of experience in teaching


For admission to 2nd year through lateral entry the student should pass Diploma Engg. in the corresponding branch with Min. 60% of marks and Qualified through Orissa JEE.

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